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Founding story

 Officially founded by a black woman, Vee Natural Care is a hair and skincare brand based in Haïti and the United States. The brand’s name is a mix of the founder’s name ‘’Vee’’ and ‘’Natural Care’’, seeing as all the products are made from natural ingredients.

Vedjee A. Belin was born and raised in Haiti. Initially, our DIY Queen was mainly focused on naturally preparing her products to improve her skin and hair care regimen. She later discovered that her carefully calculated recipes not only worked for her but also for her friends and family.

As a natural cosmetic formulator, Vedjee is the creator of every one of Vee Natural Care's products. From a young age, she developed a curiosity about carrying out experiments and creating. From this, stems her true passion for slowly and thoughtfully piecing together the brand ‘Vee Natural Care’.


The founder of Vee Natural Care was inspired after buying oils from other vendors. With Vee, she wanted to offer a natural brand that would provide real benefits to our black queens to be able to strengthen and maintain healthy and beautiful hair and skin. The products are formulated for consumers that choose not to use artificial products on their hair and skin.

In March 2018, Vee Natural Care was launched with three hand-crafted oils (coconut, avocado, and aloe vera oil). The process of formation was kept simple by the strict usage of only natural and safe ingredients. Our products do not contain silicone, paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, or any other aggressive ingredients.

Vedjee created the first complete line of natural and chemical-free hair care products. She knew of the challenge of managing natural hair and, passionately, wanted to provide quality products that would make it easier for her family and friends to manage their hair without having to go to the hair salon.

After popular demand, Vee natural care started creating products customers demanded introducing a range of hair and skin products including best sellers: Rhassoul & Cocoa Shampoo Bar, Herbal Scalp Treatment, Ayurveda Mix, Shiny Soap, Facial Oil, and Clay Facial Mask.

 In 2019, our Founder represented Vee Natural Care in a contest in Haiti, Antrepriz Paw, and won. That contest boosted her confidence and her enterprise.  

The natural community and craftsmanship are very important to her. They represent her modest yet great and cultured ideas. These are the values of Vee Natural Care, an authentic brand that keeps it All Natural.

In 2020, the owner experienced depression due to the political crisis in her home country, Haiti. She found consistently going to her lab picked her spirits up. She began creating new recipes/formulas to help her calm her mind. That same year, she organized a Self-Care Day with her friends to try her new products and simply have a good time. Vedjee is a firm believer that self-care can be a stress relief. You need to remind yourself: “Your Worth”. With our skincare kit, we hope that it can help others to be able to confidently wear their beautiful skin.


In 2021, Vedjee moved to the United States. As reading was one of her hobbies, she started to read a lot of self-help books that started her passion for personal development. After completing her Diploma in Beauty Brand Business Management,  She discovered certain tasks needed to be completed properly to have a successful business. That's when she decided to rebrand. Vedjee wanted to make sure her clients were aware that the company is not just here to make money. She took her time to put out the mission and vision of her brand. Vedjee believes that nature and natural ingredients can balance our lives and ensure better vitality. Today we are happy to be able to offer high quality natural products!!! 

We are working for you, let’s trust nature and embrace balance!