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As long as I can remember , my mom always took care of my hair and it was alright but when I became a teenager, I was curious about what “doing in my way”would look like , but things got a little bit out of hands

It wasn't easy at all. I ended up having damaged hair, relaxed hair and at some point losing them.

But then, when I turned 20, Vee who is my bestfriend, started making her own products and of course, I was willing to be her prototype .
I was actually in love with Natural hair and it was everywhere, my social media, people around me,i wanted that ,so i did my bigchop.She sent me product like ayuverda mix which is my fav, growth oil, and some vegetable oils “onion oil, garlic oil etc…”.
I started taking care of my hair, every weekend i would be in the bathroom, mixing products like oils, powder and sometimes eggs, honey, everyone was like “what’s going on with her?
And guys I bet you know that saying“You have to have feedback called succes to keep going in something new, difficult that changed for the old ways or you won’t keep going” it is 100% true. After 1 month of being consistent, which is actually the key , I started to see great results. I was totally in love, i was so invested and also felt like I was going to have way more hair than i’ve never had before. So I've made of my hair a priority for the next 2 years, I had a routine, i had the products and I was committed to take time to do it.

And while i was taking care of my hair, i’ve learned something bigger and it's objectively true . “if you really want to, you can”. Not only talking about hair, but everything else, as long as it it realistic and that you have the right tools . It is all about your commitment, your motivation, your consistency.

Nothing happen in just one night, but the decision you take one night and committed to it for the next months or years as I did, will show you results that you have never seen before.
“When it comes to hair, you need to do it your way” this came to my mind when i knew that I was gonna have to write something for you guys. I want you to find your routine, 1-2 times/month or every weekend like i used to do, it is all about your willingness. But you need to know your why, fix your when and stick to it. Some days, you’ll be lazy but do it anyway, be disciplined, be consistent and let me see that hair grown, because they will. Let me share this quotes with you “invest in your hair, it is the crown you’ll never take off”… Fix your crown queens ❤️

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