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Enjoy your 1%

My skin needs some love!!
  I’m sitting in a restaurant right now, eating a taco salad, a weird juice that I chose because I wanted to try it, don’t even remember his name. And my right hand was just in my face, when I felt this pimple in my face. I knew it was there, I did my makeup before going out, so I knew it was but feeling it that way just made me realize that my skin, my face needed some love.
              When you are younger, it doesn’t matter if you have a skin care routine or not, maybe I’m wrong with this but let me talk about myself, I’ve never had a pimple in my face before last year. It was literally a baby face, and being stressed, having a total bad time can change Everything, or just being sick. For me, it was all of them. My skin, my weight, my happiness, Everything was just gone And if you don’t do anything to change it, something else going to happen, low self-esteem. But you know, it is okay to have those moments, but it is not okay to stay at your lowest, it is not okay to just don’t care about your skin, how you look. So you have to do something to change it. You can start by drinking more water, eating more fruits and veggies and a lot more. But you need to start somewhere. Do some researches, what types of skin you have? Which products you want to use? For me, it has to be natural ingredients. Let me talk about something else for a moment, I’m one of those people that think that nature has Everything to heal us, it’s all about how you see it, how you use what you have and how consistent you can be. I think that Vee understood the assignment. She took natural products and made a skin care line. So what I’m trying to tell you guys, is that your skin needs love too. 
Actually, I’m reading a book “atomic habits”, I heard a lot of testimonies about it, how the book change people’s perspective in life. So before starting to read it, I prayed and asked God to help me change things, I asked him that this book can be a total life changing for me!! It is just 2 weeks since I start and guess what? It is 1% for me every single day! In the morning when I wake up and do my skin care routine with Vee natural care, when I do it again before going to bed I just smile and say it is 1% more than yesterday. If you keep doing something great it is 1% more every single day and this is the same thing for a bad thing, just choose what you want to improve and get your 1% every single day because you are committed to it!
      My skin is just getting better guys, and I love what I see, I love, and I enjoy my 1% every day because it is about improving my life, my routine and becoming the person I want to be in the future. What can you do today to improve your life?

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